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Poker – Top 30+ Poker Blogs you should follow!

Tuesday 7 November, 2017

If you want to find out about the latest poker information including tips and strategies then poker blogs are your best bet.

While being the best poker blog can be subjective, the following criteria helped decide which pages are worth checking out:

  • Quality of content
  • Frequency of content
  • Writing clarity and ability including content diversity
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Information value and entertainment value.

We have divided our list 2 parts.

  1. The Top 10 Most Awesome Poker Blogs: This means they are frequently updated with quality posts.
  2. Almost As Awesome Blogs: This means they are still very good but not as good as the top 10.

The Top 10 Most Awesome Poker Blogs

#1 „Daniel Negreanu Blog”
Poker - Daniel Negreanu Blog

Daniel Negreanu’s blog started in 2004. He is a professional poker player and has won six WSOP bracelets and two WPT titles. His blog posts are mostly about his experiences in his poker games. He touches upon topics such as other poker players, poker politics, poker tournament issues, and other topics. His blog is very casual and can be mostly read for entertainment or wanting to read another’s thoughts on what is happening in the poker industry. There is not much in regards to strategy and game play, so novices may not find much use for the blog.

#2 „Jonathan Little Blog”
Poker - Jonathan Little Blog

Jonathan Little started his blog in 2014.  He is a professional poker player and has won two Word Poker Tours.  Little’s blog is a great read and resource for any poker player. On his blog, you will find poker videos that show and talk you through some of the hands he has played during a tournament. He also writes about other topics players may be interested in such as what sort of mind set you should have during a game, whether force out your opponent or keep them in and more.  He also has other posts on game analysis and tournaments. You should definitely be looking forward to upcoming posts.

#3 „Card Player Lifestyle”
Poker - Card Player Lifestyle

Cardplayerlifestyle.com is the perfect blog for lifelong lovers of poker and those poker industry followers habitually looking for poker news and updates. The blog reads much like a magazine; thoughtful, smart posts abound and are well written and fascinating. Photos accompany each post, and the blog is updated regularly.

Cardplayerlifestyle.com is a name recognizable to poker fans everywhere, and is clearly a standard in the industry for news and information. Including sit-down interviews, original content, and catchy headlines, this blog is a must-read for anyone who takes poker seriously and wants to be immersed in the culture.

#4 „ESPN Poker Blog”
Poker - ESPN Poker Blog

If you aren’t subscribed to the ESPN poker blog, stop what you’re doing right now and subscribe. You can’t call yourself a truly invested poker player if you aren’t staying up-to-date on poker news. ESPN’s blog is easily the best way to do this. The sports news superpower features excellent articles written by premier journalists on topics that every poker player should be looking into. The blog covers everything from major tournaments to changes in the league with photos and thoughtful articles.

The ESPN poker blog is intuitive and easy to navigate with breaking news links featured at the top of the page in a sidebar for easy access. Hands down the best blog for poker news.

#5 „The Poker Barrister”
Poker - The Poker Barrister

The Poker Barrister is a blog ran by Pete P. Peters.  He started the blog in 2011, and it has been going pretty strong ever since.  Like most poker blogs it’s not 100% about poker, but a good chunk of it is.  He does detailed hand analysis, the poker industry in different states, his winnings and losses, tournaments, and of course random thoughts and more.  He has a very friendly tone, and his blogs spots tend to give readers advice or lessons they can take away.  Novices and more experienced player will enjoy his posts for their tone and insight.

#6 „Pokerlistings Blog”
Poker - Pokerlistings Blog

Pokerlisting’s blog is run by the editorial team, and they also feature other blog writer’s blog. This blog will be useful for novice and advance players. Pokerlisting’s part of the blog usually showcases live feeds of poker games, comments on tournaments, poker news, poker gadgets and more. The blogs that Pokerlistings feature are created by a variety of poker players and enthusiasts like Jason Mercier and Matt Stout. They also have the WSOP blog, Positively Nerd Street, Poker Joker and more. With all of these sites, you access to a variety of poker news, gossip, strategy, insight and more.

#7 „Rob’s Vegas And Poker Blog”
Poker - Rob’s Vegas And Poker Blog

Rob started his blog, Rob’s Vegas and Poker Blog, on September 20, 2011. There isn’t a lack of cleavage or skimpily clad women, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Like other poker blogs, he shares his own personal experience as a poker player. He sometimes even blogs live from competitions along with his Twitter feed. Most of the blog is very detailed and story-like, and it definitely has a very laid back tone. But poker is not all he talks about. He also talks about his adventures in Vegas and at poker games and encounters he has had with women. Overall, it’s entertaining, but it may not be for everyone.

#8 „Thinking Poker”
Poker - Thinking Poker

Thinking Poker is a blog and a podcast about just that—how to think about poker. Each episode is around an hour long and features guests from amateur players to coaches. There is a strategy component to most episodes, and also a nice interview element. The Thinking Poker website has everything from Trip Reports to a link where you can buy Thinking Poker swag.

This is definitely a blog/podcast to look out for, there seem to be big things on the horizon and rightfully so. While podcasts aren’t as easy to digest as a video or an image, they have a lot to offer if you’re willing to put the time in. This podcast is no different, and allows listeners a good chance to learn.

#9 „SplitSuit Poker”
Poker - SplitSuit Poker

SplitSuit is one of the best blogs for players to learn how to improve their game. The writer of the blog is James “SplitSuit” Sweeney, who is a poker player and coach. The blog offers poker hand reviews with video, so poker players can learn how to play certain hands. It gives you poker strategies on beating floaters, handling a flop and more. You also get some fun poker quizzes that will test your skill. Players can also learn new plays and concepts through videos and quizzes provided by the site. Poker plays new and advanced should utilize this blog.

#10 „PokerStars Blog”
Poker - PokerStars Blog

On Poker Stars Blog’s site, you can find the latest in poker industry news, information and insight on live and online poker, strategy and more. When they blog about tournaments, you will get frequent almost hourly updates on players and game results. As far as strategy, you will find blog posts on how to increase your winnings, which hands you should play, poker psychology and more. You will also get news about the poker industry around the world. Beginner poker players, players who are more seasoned, online and live poker players will benefit from this site.

Almost As Awesome Blog

#11 „BlackRain79”
Poker - BlackRain79

BlackRain79.com was created by an online poker player named Nathan. His posts are about his experiences in online poker, and it also has posts regarding strategies and tips when playing at the micro and small stakes level. His writing is somewhat personable but it is to the point at the same time. His posts with strategies and lessons are sectioned off for easy reading and understanding. Although he doesn’t post funny, personable stories, his straight forward writing is still effective. He continues to update his blog, so there are more strategies and game play for the foreseeable future.

#12 „High on Poker”
Poker - High On Poker

High on Poker is the creation of a poker player and lawyer named Jordan.  He mostly writes about strategy, online poker, tournaments, news, and more.  His writing style is very casual.  He writes as if he’s talking to a buddy, who is nice since you want the blogger you’re spending some of your time on to, feel like a friend.  He often draws his lessons from his own playing experiences.  This blog will be great for beginner and more advanced poker hobbyists, since, as a hobbyist himself, Jordan knows what it’s like to juggle work, family, and your hobby.

#13 „Living The Dream”
Poker - Living The Dream

Living the Dream Poker Blog is a blog that shares the live experiences of online poker players playing in live tournaments in Europe and the Caribbean. The posts are very detailed as far as gameplay, but they do provide videos. It’s an interesting blog as far as seeing how online players fair in live tournaments, since it is a different atmosphere. You also so get to read about some of the players’ own personal experience and thoughts. There is no strategy or detailed gameplay, so this may not be the blog for you if that’s what you’re looking for.

#14 „Poker Guru Blog”
Poker - Poker Guru Blog

The Poker Guru Blog is a blog that can suit any player. It has a poker forum where readers can discuss poker and some off topics. There are blogs about poker strategies where readers can read about advanced poker strategy, beginner tips, poker psychology, probability, hand reviews and more. Readers can also read news about the poker industry and poker professionals, and more. Overall, the blog is very informative and players and hobbyists of all levels can gain something from it.

#15 „Poker Player”
Poker - Poker Player
Poker Player is a blog where a poker player can stay up to date on the latest poker news, learn or brush up on some strategies, catch up with their favorite professional poker players, or read some miscellaneous poker topics like the history of online poker. If you’re an online casino player or interested in it, you can find some insightful articles and tips. The magazine is very casual and can be useful to beginner poker players and players who are more advanced. The tone and style of the publication is very casual, and any advice or information given is easy to understand and follow.

#16 „Roads To Tomorrow”
Poker - Roads To Tomorrow
FlushhDraw is a full time Las Vegas poker player that started his blog on October 7, 2015, where he basically chronicles his and shares his gaming experience (mostly online games). His writing style is very story like. He displays the feelings and thought processes he had at the moment he was playing game. This is nice since it helps the reader put themselves into his shoes. It gives the reader a chance to learn from his mistakes and successes in poker playing. He even provides snap shots of some of the games he has played to give his readers more of a visual component. This blog is great for novices and more experienced poker players.

#17 „Blonde Poker: Diaries And Blogs”
Poker - Blonde Poker Diaries And Blogs

Blondepoker.com is an open forum about poker topics. It has attracted some fairly knowledgeable persons and boasts interesting threads about all facets of poker life. This forum is quite active – almost every post has moved up to a “very hot topic” (meaning it has over twenty-five replies) on the site. Threads range from personal diaries to requests for advice.

Frequently open forums bring some strange, off-topic comments, but generally this one stays supportive and poker-centric. If you’re looking for a sense of community and are not quite ready to jump in to starting your own poker blog, posting in a forum such as this one is a good place to start.

#18 „TwoPlusTwo House Blogs”
Poker - TwoPlusTwo House Blogs

The twoplustwo forum is exceedingly popular, with updates and threads coming in every couple of minutes. Threads may start out about poker, but quickly deteriorate. This forum seems to be crowded with trolls, and doesn’t offer a lot in the way of community. One thing it does offer is a chance to simply post. Forums are a great opportunity to get your foot in the door of the blogging community and see what things get people talking.

Twoplustwo uses this forum to promote their radio show, and takes advertisements from online poker playing websites as well. Not the best poker forum, but certainly one of the most popular.

#19 „Hard Boiled Poker Blog”
Poker - Hard Boiled Poker Blog

The hardboiledpoker blog is an awesome lifestyle blog by a fantastic writer. He touches on all facets of poker playing. Posts range from how contestants bet on the show Jeopardy to how to keep the chip lead when you’re ahead.

In short, hardboiledpoker is an entertaining lifestyle poker blog with a great writer who knows how to write a compelling article. His posts are nuanced and interesting. There are frequent nods to current cultural phenomenon, but the author always brings the story back to poker. To make things better, the blog is kept up-to-date with posts coming in at least once or twice a week.

#20 „Jared Tendler”
Poker - Jared Tendler

Jared Tendler is an author and psychologist specializing in the mental toughness and agility required to excel at Poker. His blog is mostly inspirational and promotional. Instead of offering poker-specific articles, Jared leans toward posts that discuss the mental requirements of the game and mental confidence in general. His posts include Ted talks, Q&As with poker superstars and clients, promotional posts for his podcast, and re-posts of interesting articles about the mind.

In short, Jared is an entrepreneur seeking clients who he can help master the mental game of poker, which takes a certain level of stamina and sharpness. His posts are generally amusing and surprising. They appeal to an audience beyond that of simply poker players.

#21 „Just The Facts”
Poker - Just The Facts

The Poker Meister, author of this lowstakeshands blog, stays firmly in the realm of posting only about poker. This makes this blog an excellent resource for any beginner. His most effective posts are the ones that detail a poker situation and then leave the outcome open-ended. Should he have checked, called, gone all-in, or folded? He receives some fairly interesting, contradicting replies from his visitors, which makes for a great learning opportunity and reveals how many different ways the game can be played.

Finally, a low-stakes blog about nothing but poker! If you’re looking to read up on poker, and are hoping to skip all of the personal posts about family and vacation, this is the blog for you.

#22 „The Great Grind”
Poker - The Great Grind

Justin Butlion is the author of the thregreatgrind blog, and comments on everything from strategy to psychology in articles that focus on the particulars of poker. He is very community-driven and encourages a conversation from his posts. He strikes a nice balance with personal posts about his own poker playing journey to more general posts about how to avoid tilt and what to do before an online poker tournament.

Unfortunately, Justin doesn’t post very often, usually once every couple of months. This is unfortunate because he takes a very mathematical approach to the game which is refreshing and useful to those looking to improve.

#23 „Poker Practice”
Poker - Poker Practice

The Poker Practice is an informational blog with articles about poker news. From article titles like “Pros have Meeting with Pokerstars – It results in Nothing” and “Phil Ivey enters Daily Fantasy Sports World,” there is nothing this blog doesn’t cover. Categories include, “Poker News,” “Poker Tips,” and “What’s New,” and articles are both educational and fascinating.

The Poker Practice blog does well to comment on poker news with a keen eye on detail and fact. This is a great addition to anyone’s blog repertoire.

#24 „Sugar House Poker Blog”
Poker - Sugar House Poker Blog

The SugarHouse Casino blog is the official blog for SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia, PA. The blog serves as a recapping of wins and losses at tournaments hosted by SugarHouse, and features pictures, highlights, and commentary.

Because it is updated regularly and with great detail, the SugarHouse blog is a great resource for anyone in the Pennsylvania area checking in on new up and coming poker players in the area. It is also a great way to be introduced to the Pennsylvania poker community if you’re new in town.

#25 „PokerTube Video Blogs”
Poker - PokerTube Video Blogs

Pokertube.com is a hub of poker news and information in the form of videos and live hands snipped down for viewing pleasure. Pokertube.com also offers a chat forum, which allows viewers to post. However, the real charm of pokertube is the ability to watch videos organized into categories like “Poker Training Videos” and “Live Poker.”

Videos are an intuitive way to share poker knowledge. Watching is much better than reading in the world of poker strategy, and pokertube offers viewers the opportunity to really “watch and learn.” With videos being uploaded regularly, pokertube is a great way to have all of your poker news in one place at one time, cut down into bite-sized snippets that are enjoyable and exciting.

#26 „Pokerati”
Poker - Pokerati
Pokerati is run by a group of poker bloggers. It features blogs about poker news, business, and politics. It also offers insight and opinion into poker and covers the poker lifestyle. There are some posts on poker strategies and tips, and the blog also features posts on live and online poker. The tone is very casual, but doesn’t offer as much insight and personal experience as some bloggers do. The blog can be useful to players on all levels and platforms. Overall the blog is informative and gives you a little bit of everything.  We look forward to future posts.

This blog by DK Lappin started in 2008. It is very insightful about his gameplay and the poker industry.  What’s cool about his blog is that he talks about current events and poker, and he finds a way to weave it all together. This blog would be interesting for a novice or a more experienced player, as it is a nice and entertaining way of keeping up with the poker industry. His writing has a nice flow, and he writes in a way that keeps his readers interested. He is still making posts, so it will be interesting to see what posts he comes up with in the future.

#28 „Tbc’s Blog About Grinding Low Stakes Poker”
Poker - Tbc’s Blog About Grinding Low Stakes Poker
Seven Card 2003 was created by Tony Bigcharles in 2011. He writes about his experiences and game play at casinos, tournaments, and online poker. He also writes posts here and there about events happening in his life and his own personal thoughts. There is no shortage of quality content, his writing are long and in-depth. Tony also has a big community following him and the comment section of his posts are always full of opinions from his readers which makes this an awesome blog to follow.

#29 „The P-Log”
Poker - The P-Log

The P-Log is by a guy named Puyan, who is an online poker player on Pokerstars. He talks about his travels, games, poker, and random thoughts or events.  The blog is very casual, and it reads as if a friend or a mentor is talking to you.   As far as poker, he touches upon the industry, tournaments, well known poker players, and thoughtful theories on topics such as luck. He has some interesting stuff to say about the poker industry and its players.  There’s not much insight on strategy and gameplay, but you can find some usefulness in this blog.

#30 „The Poker Academy”
Poker - The Poker Academy
The Poker Academy is a blog written by Rep Porter, who has played poker professionally for over 10 years and have won 27 World Series of Poker bracelets and had 27 cashes at WSOP as well.   He posts about travel, success, balancing poker games, and tournaments, a little bit of home life, and of course the World Series of Poker.  The blog is very friendly, and he is detailed about his game play as far as significant hands, wins and losses, etc.   It’s a very good blog for any novice or professional to read, especially since it is written by such a professional.

#31 „BankRoolBoo$T”
Poker - BankRoolBoo$T
Bank Roll Boost started in 2015, and it is all about poker.  Their blog posts are about the news and gossip going on in the poker industry.  There is even some funny satire about poker.  The blog is very laid back, and it allows the reader to stay up to date and have a little fun in reading about poker.  Players new and old will get a kick out this blog, as it is one of the more entertaining ones.  The blog is fairly new in the poker field, so we’re looking forward to future blog posts.





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